KEG4 Consortium

About KEG4

The KEG4 Consortium is a group of independent Internet technology specialists who work together as a team. They combine the wide spectrum of their expertise for the purpose of creating professional and highly customized web-based solutions that resolve business dilemmas and expose unique opportunities for our clients. Curious about our name? We're named for our founder, Karl Glasgow.

Our Development Philosophy

Before we generate a line of code, we listen. We listen for your requirements, your vision of the ideal solution, the timeline and restrictions you're laboring under. Then we plan an elegant, efficient and innovative solution that will exceed your expectations. We rely on our experience to anticipate your future needs and to address conditions and requirements that haven't yet been considered. We build solutions that meet your current needs, with the flexibility to meet tomorrow's. And rather than engineer customer dependencies, we provide you the ability to manage as many dynamic content elements as possible. We give our customers control over their solutions. The result? Fresher site content, greater confidence, higher satisfaction.

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